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AlphaStone®, the technology in artificial surfaces, is the result of a long process of research, of experience and of close ties with specialized and well qualified technicians, for the production of the best possible artificial surfaces, coating countertops, quartz surfaces and coating quartz.

The AlphaStone® surfaces, present different compositions of inorganic mineral layers such as, for example, sands of silicon quartz, cristobalite, glass, polyester, pigments of natural marble and additives, always produced with consideration for the balance between nature, beauty and use.

They are surfaces with high levels of hardness, natural beauty and durability, which are distinguished by their high levels of impermeability to alkaline liquids and grease as well as their high resistance to acids.

AlphaStone® is responsible for the insertion into the current demanding market of artificial surfaces of the highest quality, aesthetics and resistance, and is the leader in durability and elegance. Ideal for domestic and/or industrial use, the AlphaStone® surfaces comply with the highest levels of technological demand, including the high standards of the profession of decoration and architecture.

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