Durapedra - Quartz Compac

Quartz Compac

Quartz Compac

For three decades, the marble surfaces MARMOL COMPAC consolidated a prestige that has also extended to the QUARTZ COMPAC line.

This elegant product of exceptional hardness and resistance to impact is ideal for areas that have to withstand intense foot traffic as well as for household environments. Its minimal absorption, ease of cleaning and low maintenance make it a highly recommendable choice for bathrooms or kitchens, as it is extremely resistant to abrasion, acids, oils ...

QUARTZ COMPAC possesses major aesthetic versatility, as its advanced R + D + I can create a wide variety of designs, sizes, thicknesses, adornments and exclusive colors that harmonize with other materials, including products MARMOL COMPAC.

The excellent finishes QUARTZ COMPAC and easy fitting also the long list of advantages of this luxurious product.

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