Durapedra - Marble Alpinina

Marble Alpinina

Marble Alpinina

With cream / beige bottom and white and rosy balsam, Alpenina is a glazed and hard marble that combines a reduced absorption with the ability to perform very decorative works.

A sedimentary carbonate, with a light beige color, with reddish lavas, consisting of very fine microcrystalline carbonate granite material, strongly microcracked and with veins and fissures filled with carbonated material bordered by reddish and orange hydrated iron oxides.

Because it is natural stone, its tone and texture vary.

All images are purely indicative.

Macroscopic Description

Microcrystalline limestone, sometimes organotritic, fractured and intensely recrystallized.


Essential Minerals of the Crystalline Phase: Calcite.
Minerals Accessories: Partially tectonized pelbiomecritis (calciclastic limestone).

Bulk density 2696 Kg/m3
Water Absorption at P.At.N. 0.18 %
Apparent porosity 0.48 %
Abrasion Test (Wear Resistance) 1.90 mm
Impact Test (Impact test: minimum fall height) 45 cm
Flexural 183 Kg/cm2
Mechanical Compressive Strength 1150 Kg/cm2

Recommended use

Interior and exterior coatings.

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