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We are a company that transforms ornamental stones, based in Sintra, Portugal.

For more than 30 years that we work the best materials, always having the quality, professinalism and environmental preservation as our main pilars of work.

We have in our new and modern factory the most recent technology, as sawing machines, CNC cutting machines and production lines.

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Lioz Branco DP

Lioz Creme DP

Lioz limestone is a limestone with irregular bottoms and fine grains, showing clear fossil signs along its surface.

Its main shades depend on the amount of fossils as well as color variations.

In terms of hardness, this is considered a very hard lime.

Due to its hardness, Lioz limestone can be finished with almost all finishes. Despite this, it is more common to find this stone in polished, softened or sandblasted.

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Mármore Carrara Branco

Carrara Branco

Carrara Marble, also called Bianco Carrara, is a natural stone of Italian origin, characterized by being white with gray veins.

It was widely used during the Renaissance, as in Michelangelo's David sculpture, and is still considered noble and classic today, being used as finishing residential and commercial environments.

The bigger the board, the nicer it gets. Prefer the edges in a straight or half-miter finish.

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Image Gallery

Some of our Portuguese and imported materials


Marble Alpinina

Alpenina is a glazed and hard marble that combines a reduced absorption with the ability to perform very decorative works.


Marble Carrara

Carrara Marble, also called Bianco Carrara, is a natural stone of Italian origin, characterized by being white with gray veins.


Travertine Clássico Romano

The Travertino Romano Classico marble is a beige limestone made with sedimentary featured by some whitish veins.


Lioz Creme DP

The Cream Lioz is a creamy and grayish limestone with irregular bottom and high hardness.


Moleanos Clássico

Limestone white to light beige with compact appearance, with fine brownish grains and some small to medium brownish fossils.


Travertine Navona

The travertine is a limestone, composed of calcite, aragonite and limonite, with compact bands, parallel to each other, where small cavities are observed.


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