Instructions for handling and cleaning your Marble or granite

Manutenção de mármores e granitos

Initial cleaning

  • Floors:

    With a soft cloth, soap and water, thoroughly clean the surface. You can use straw steel wool to remove fine mass pingas. Rinse and dry, leaving it dry well. Then pass a layer of colorless liquid wax or wax with silicone. Allow to dry and polish with a flannel cloth or polisher. If necessary, remove excess gently using straw steel wool thin.

  • Walls:

    With straw steel wool thin and dry, remove any mass drops that eventually are glued. Waxing and polishing with a flannel cloth.

  • Tops sinks and washbasins :

    Proceed as described above.P

Daily cleaning

  • Floors bathrooms and boxes :

    Clean with water, mild soap and a soft brush. Always keep it waxed. In the showers, clean with detergent to remove accumulated fat. Rinse well, dry and wax.

  • Floors in general:

    Clear similarly, using liquid wax dissolved in water and then polishing with waxing.

  • Tabletops and dressers:

    Wipe with a cloth soaked in alcohol, shine with a dry cloth. Waxing once a month, removing the excess wax with straw steel wool thin.

  • Sinks:

    Normal cleaning with mild soap and water, waxing once a month.

  • Kitchen Sinks:

    Clean with water and detergent, rinse and dry well, then waxing.


Because marble is a porous material, it is subject to irreversible spots, as in the case of soda stains, wine, fat and oil droplets and rust stains.

We do not recommend the use of abrasives or strong active ingredient, such as bleach, ammonia, sodium chloride, etc., as these products damage and take the brilliance of the stone.

Never use acids. self-motivas waxes (eg Johnson) are excellent and may be used once a month stones in general. Spend a thin layer and give shine then. In places where there may be water be careful, because the stone will be drained.

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